Create Unlimited Characters!

Begin your journey toward a 3-dimensional story by learning how you can create unlimited 3-dimensional characters. Take the first step on your new adventure!

Writing is Hard.

Getting from a blank page to a four-hundred page novel takes some beginning writers years. Even experienced writers often spend much too much time creating their masterpieces.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Find out how anyone can write a fantastic novel in less than half a month.

Endless worldbuilding, one-dimensional characters, gaping plotholes: these are the dangers every writer must battle to create a compelling story. Often, new authors spend years fending off these beasts, second guessing themselves and developing the craft of writing from scratch, as if they were the first ones to ever do it. It doesn’t have to be that way.

That is why I created The 3-Dimensional Story.

My name is Nick Marsden. I help authors like you tear down the walls between you and your story to chart a smooth course to the story you want to tell.

I can show you the breakthrough that will give you the ability to write three books a year, even if you’ve never written a book before. If you are an experienced author who spends more than six months writing a book, then you can push your production past the limit without spending endless hours at the computer or struggling to bash out 5,000 words per hour.

Create worlds. Birth heroes. Tell YOUR story.

Let Me Help.


Weekly coaching meetings and structured feedback will have you thinking the right things at the right time while giving you the motivation and encouragement every author needs during the hardest of writing slogs.

Editorial & Review

I offer developmental services for your completed manuscript ranging from a reliable beta read to full developmental editing with detailed suggestions for giving your story maximum impact.

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If you want a full education on the 3-Dimensional Story Method, check out my book, The 3-Dimensional Story on sale now on Amazon in print and ebook.