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Nick Marsden spent twelve years writing his first book. It’s a familiar story. Many authors take years to write their first novel or two. Why? Because many of them are reinventing the wheel. They are figuring out how the writing process works from scratch, as if thousands of people haven’t already done what they’ve done.

Other books only cover plot, or character, or setting, without showing how all three of these dimensions must work together to make up an organic 3-Dimensional Story.

Don’t waste any more years of your life “writing” your novel, whether it is your first or fifth. Let Nick help you finish your story with this step-by-step process.


The 3-Dimensional Story Method

  • You can write a book, even if it’s your first, in less than half a year.
  • Your next book will be better than the last one.
  • You’ll have a leg up on every other writer out there that just tries to go it alone.

The 3-Dimensional Story will show you how to:

  •     Target who you are writing for, so you don’t piss your readers off
  •     Create a world that your readers will want to live in (or be terrified of)
  •     Give birth to unlimited characters that are believable because they are real
  •     Plan an engaging plot, even if you are a pantser
  •     Suck your readers in by thinking of conflict and tension is a new way
  •     Write a draft the way you want: either from an outline or from a blank page
  •     Polish your draft to fix plot holes and amaze your reader with your clever foreshadowing

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