So Who Is Nick Marsden?

I’m not a bestselling author who you should bow down and worship. What I am is a guy who’s made the mistakes beginning authors make and learned from them.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Film with a focus in Screenwriting. I’ve studied story from the masters of storytelling: Brandon Sanderson, Alfred Hitchcock, and Joss Whedon among others. I’ve picked apart films, novels, comic books, and television shows to learn the elements that all good stories have, no matter the format. Since 2011, I’ve completed five novels of varying quality, three feature-length screenplays, two short stories, and fifteen novellas.

Through my author journey, I’ve had successes and missteps and I’ve learned from both. In the last 3 years, I’ve used those lessons to develop the 3-Dimensional Story Model which organizes story development and help explains the concepts of story for new authors.

I believe that everyone should do what they love in life, and for us, that is writing amazing speculative fiction stories that have spectacle and impact for readers of all ages. I’ve spent a lifetime as a lover of story. And half of that working toward helping others become the authors that I will love to read in the years to come.


I hope you become one of them!

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