Coaching and Editorial Services

I help career-minded authors learn their craft and develop their stories so that they can produce quality work that will get them noticed. I do this because I believe that everyone should be able to support themselves doing what they love.



Here is a quick summary of the coaching and editorial services I offer. Click or scroll for a more detailed explanation of each. I’m happy to offer these as individual or combined services.

  • Coaching – I provide inspiration and motivation to complete your project via weekly one-on-one meetings to provide feedback, brainstorming help, and a sledgehammer to break down your blocks.
  • Editorial – I provide feedback and suggestions for improving your completed book project using my experience and the framework of the 3-Dimensional Story Model.


  1. I will either guide you through the 3-Dimensional Story Method, or assist you to write your project using whatever method you prefer.
  2. Weekly one-on-one meetings via Zoom
  3. Meetings consist of:
  • Evaluating the week’s work (if work submitted 24 hours before the meeting)
  • Answering questions about any aspect of the writing process
  • Helping move you forward with brainstorming help. I can be your sounding board or I can make story suggestions.
  • Working with you to break through writer’s block or any other stumbling block in the writing process.
  1. Open-ended per-project contracts: We aren’t done until you say we are done. (monthly fee applies)



I will read your book once as if I were a reader. I will provide feedback in a report of approximately 2,000 words. I’ll point out areas of improvement in:

  • Readability
  • Engagement (maintaining interest)
  • Predictability
  • Overall impression from a first-time reader

This service is best if you need fresh eyes on a project and you want quality feedback from someone who knows the type of feedback that is useful to authors.


In addition to a standard BETA READ, I will read your book again, making detailed, in-line suggestions for developmental improvement from the perspective of an editor who knows the story and can see the big picture of the story. This feedback will include suggestions on:

  • Character development/arc
  • Plot holes
  • World description (including places where description is not clear or confusing)
  • Magic/Tech system, including places that might seem like deus ex machina (how to avoid the WTF moment)

This is a full-service developmental editing and includes 2 30-minute consultations via Zoom

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